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10 Midjourney AI Prompts for Creating Vintage Prints

Here’s 10 MidjourneyAI Prompts you can use to create vintage prints you can sell on sites like Etsy, Red Bubble and others.

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10 Midjourney AI Prompts for Creating Vintage Prints

Prompt 1.

Act as a vintage travel poster artist from the 1920s, showcasing the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris with elegant Art Deco design elements.

Prompt 2.

Act as a 1950s graphic designer, illustrating a sun-soaked beach in Hawaii, with surfers and hula dancers beneath swaying palm trees.

Prompt 3.

Act as an early 20th-century artist, portraying the bustling streets of New York City with classic yellow taxis and soaring skyscrapers.

Prompt 4.

Act as a retro graphic artist, capturing the tranquil beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom season in Kyoto with traditional architecture in the background.

Prompt 5.

Act as a mid-century designer, illustrating the majestic pyramids of Giza, Egypt, with camels and Bedouins in the foreground.

Prompt 6.

Act as a 1930s poster artist, showcasing the scenic canals of Venice with gondoliers and Renaissance architecture.

Prompt 7.

Act as a vintage graphic designer, highlighting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, teeming with vibrant marine life.

Prompt 8.

Act as a retro artist, capturing the lively ambiance of a Flamenco dance in Seville, Spain.

Prompt 9.

Act as a 1940s illustrator, showcasing the historic Colosseum in Rome with gladiators and chariots.

Prompt 10.

Act as a mid-century poster artist, featuring the Northern Lights above the icy landscapes of Iceland.

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