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Digital Products You Can Create And Sell Online For Around 7 Dollars

There are a variety of digital products you can create and sell online for around $7 bucks. Here are some ideas:

1. Ebooks: Write and sell your own eBooks on topics you’re knowledgeable about.

Pro-Tip: Use tools like ChatGPT to write the outline and speed up the process!

2. Online Courses:
Create mini-courses or guides on specific subjects. Market these courses to your e-mail list.

3. Digital Templates:
Offer templates for resumes, invitations, or business plans.

4. Stock Photography:
Sell your original photos as digital downloads.

5. Music Tracks:
Produce and sell your music or sound effects.

6. Art and Graphics:
Create digital art, icons, or logos for sale on sites like Etsy.

7. Software Tools:
Develop simple apps or software tools that solve specific problems. Check out the Open AI GPT App Store!

8. Printable Crafts:
Design craft patterns or coloring book pages. See what others are selling on Amazon or Etsy for ideas!

9. Fonts:
Design and sell unique fonts. Check out Creative Fabrica.

10. Coaching Sessions:
Offer short coaching or consulting sessions. Offer your time on sites like

Remember, the key to success with digital products is to find a niche market, create high-quality content, and effectively market your products to your target audience.

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