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Mid-Journey Prompts: Exploring The Possibilities

Hey there! This is Dennis, and I want to thank you for purchasing my mid-journey prompts. In this video, I’ll show you what you can do with these prompts, such as creating designs for puzzles or print-on-demand products. I’ll guide you through using Printify to upload your digital artwork and put it on various products like wall art, hoodies, and more. By signing up for my newsletter, I’ll provide you with weekly prompts and teach you how to earn money online. Stay tuned for different designs and creative ideas. Let’s dive in!

New York City Skyline
Idaho Mountains


0:00 Hey there, this is Dennis and I want to thank you for purchasing my mid-journey prompts here on my Etsy store.
0:09 Or maybe you picked them up at a different location, but anyway, regardless, thanks so much. In this video, I just wanted to record.
0:16 Some of the stuff that you can expect or like some of the things that you can do with the prompts that you purchase now, you might have purchased one of the prompts that shows you how to make designs that you can use to create puzzles that you can more
0:57 wall art with different frames, copy coasters, even men’s underwear or even ornaments are We’re just so- some of the many different things that you can put an image on and then sell them on Etsy or maybe a WordPress website using a WooCommerce plugin and when you sign up for my newsletter at
1:22 I’m going to send you out weekly, I’m going to send you different prompts that are free or maybe let you know some of the different paid prompt packages that I offer and also teach how you can do this yourself and how you can earn money online like I have. 

1:43 So here’s some of the different designs that I have on Etsy. This is a Christmas tree design that I created right here and it’s on wrapping paper on a store that I have called wrap it up Christmas. 

1:57 Another store called House of Poker Cards. So this is a design here that I did in the journey to create a design that looks like Miami with the palm trees and all of that and different classic cars different one here with a guitarist. 

2:17 can click on this here and you can see here are some of the different designs that I’ve created over the many weeks that I’ve been. 

2:25 Doing this.Here’s an ornament here ornament here with Santa Claus. Here is a floral design that I did with daisies on there and it’s got this bluish design on a gray t-shirt or somebody can choose that they want it on a different style of t-shirt, white, off white, heather, and then you 2:50 can choose like what you want to sell it for and this gets sent from XC. The back to print it by and then they sent it or sent it out to the printing source and then that printing source there charges you a specific below what you set for the price. 

3:08 The difference of that of course is your profit and then you have it sent to your customers on behalf of the printer who takes care of all of that type of work. 

3:20 You don’t have to do any of that. This is all print on demand. You can live the remote laptop. You can live the remote laptop lifestyle by doing stuff like this. 

3:31 So you might be somebody like me who is diabetic and prefers to work from home or you’re tired of the nine to five type jobs. 

3:40 Maybe you work for a call center or you work for a company like retail. Until then, thanks for watching. Thanks for watching. 

3:55 Dot-com newsletter there each week. I’m going to send you out a different newsletter that’s going to cover some of the different prompts that you can use, what to do, the different steps and all of that. 

4:07 So make sure that you sign up for that. some whimsical Halloween pumpkins that I did at the time that I’m filming it. 

4:15 We’re into the first week of October so I wanted to do something creative with pumpkins and fall which is my favorite time of the year. 

4:23 I’m sure a lot of other people out there who love fall love the smells of fall and the holiday season. 

4:31 And then here’s what that looks like there if somebody wanted to put it in a frame and you can give them options so you can do the size here and then it will show them what it looks like in black what it looks like. 

4:48 Like at the back of the frame you can see like really good quality framing there. Of course that’s why it’s going to cost, you know, like whatever you set it at your cost is going to be a little bit higher but I’m going to show you exactly how you can do all of that stuff. 

5:06 How you can create your own wall art. Maybe you just want to create it to make some unique gifts for friends and family members or co-workers or something like that. 

5:16 Or maybe you want to be somebody like myself who wants to be able to sell it so that while you’re off on trips or road trips or whatever that this kind of stuff will be selling in the background and all you have to do is log in from your laptop and just do a few things to make sure that it’s on the 

5:35 way to whoever it might be. You might be buying your artwork, your poker cards, your hoodies, all kinds of stuff. 

5:43 So that’s why you want to stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter again at so then you can see all of this. 

5:53 There’s stuff that can be created. There’s even lamps that you can create with these designs around the lamp and I’ll show you that in future newsletters. 

6:02 And then of course like ChatGPT, I’ll be teaching you how I use this tool and there’s other tools out there. 

6:09 That I’ll be showing you that I use that you might not know of. And this is just one that I told it, I wanted it to create prompts for Idaho, the mountains of Idaho. 

6:21 So it created six different unique prompts. And then you use this tool, this cord, you can see here’s one that was created with New York City and you can see how cool that would look as wall art or maybe even coasters or something like that. 

6:37 Here’s the Idaho mountains. This is one of the prompts that I ran. Here’s another one here with the horizontal layout. 

6:46 And I’ll show you like how you can control how each of these look just by the prompt that you put in. 

6:53 So here’s that prompt that I just copied that I made from chat. GPT. And you can see that it’s illustration reminiscent of the styles of Benton Van Gogh, who is a an author, but an artist that you might know he’s famous for cutting off his ear. 

7:11 you can see like, you know, you can change this.I like Picasso. And so we could take this while that’s going, we can take this and we can type in Picasso. 

7:31 There we go. And I don’t have like the dimensions set on this. So by default, it’s one by one, but the one that I was showing you up here. 

7:43 This is two by three. So that’s going to be vertical right there. And this is three by two. So that’s horizontal. 

7:52 So it takes just a few moments and you can see that this one is done. And look at how beautiful that looks. 

7:59 It looks in the style of Vincent van Gogh a little bit like his famous painting Starry Nights. But this is, you know, during the day, the mountains of Idaho. 

8:11 And this one here has some of the wavy clouds or whatever. And so I’ll show you how you can do that. 

8:15 I’ll show you how you can use Printify to upload it and put it in, you know, coasters, poker cards, all kinds of different stuff. 

8:24 So you’ll want to stay tuned for that. And you can start off by using the prompts that you might have purchased from me. 

8:31 And thanks so much for doing that I’ll see you in future videos and I’ll see you in my newsletter. Thanks so much.