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Tools to Create Coloring Books for Passive Income on Etsy

This is the transcription of the video below and might not be 100 percent accurate but is provided for those who need a different format to follow. Thanks so much!

00:00 Hey there everybody, it’s Dennis with and in today’s video I’m going to show you how I created a coloring book that’s for sale on and I’ll show you how you can do that yourself.

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00:33 That’s going to have seven prompts that you can use with either Chat, GPT, Bard, or Mid-Journey, which is what I use to design images and monetize those images by using a tool called Loom.

Tools Used For Coloring Book

 00:48 Printify, and then sell those on Etsy. Now the coloring book is something that I designed a little bit differently. So I’m going to walk you through like how you can do that yourself and sell coloring books and make passive income.

01:04 I just put it on Etsy a few days ago and I’ve already sold one and I haven’t really been pushing it because I’m focused on putting together some other stuff, but I wanted to show others how it’s done.

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01:30 So let’s go ahead and get started. This is a coloring book here that I did. It’s called Discover America’s National Parks, and there’s 63 national parks.

01:43 And so I did 63 images for each national park using Chat GPT and Dolly to create. Now, normally I’m a big fan of Mid-Journey, but there’s some cool stuff going on with Chat GPT, and so that’s why I went that route.

02:03 Now, however, the cover here you’re seeing, that was created with Mid-Journey. And then I uploaded it into Canva so that I could make the text a little bit special there.

02:15 And so I went a little bit different with that. Let’s just go ahead and forward through some of the images here in different parks here.

02:24 For both kids and adults you know, this is something that I would love to do myself. I feel very fortunate that when my brother and I were young, our parents took us to a lot of the national parks here in the western U.S.

02:40 And as the national adult, I’ve been to Crater Lake several times. That’s in Oregon and Mount Rainier in Washington State.

02:49 I drove around Olympic National Park in Washington State in western Washington, didn’t really go into the park, but still, I got to experience a lot of the beauty of that area.

03:04 Here’s Yellowstone with the bison and Old Faithful in the background. Let me go ahead. believe, this is like White Sands, New Mexico, Glacier Park, Yosemite I’ve been to.

03:20 This is Grand Canyon National Park, I believe, in Arizona. It’s Glacier Bay in Alaska. This I believe this is the Everglades here in Florida, which I’ve actually kind of been to but not to the park.

03:39 When I was visiting a friend there, we drove across the park. The interstate that goes from Miami over into Western Florida and we stopped and got to see some alligators and things like that, just right off the freeway, it was pretty cool.

03:58 So yeah, this is on Etsy right here and you create an Etsy account at, You can see it put in the title, put in the photos.

04:13 I didn’t do a video on it. But you can do a video that’s under a minute long and they say that videos do better as far making people buy or making people want to buy when they see a video, whatever product that you’re offering.

04:28 So I might go back and do something. Something like that, but I had to break down the color book, or the coloring book, because you can only do under 20 megabytes in file size and it was larger than that, so I split it up just using like a PD app.

04:45 I have application that I found online, so you can just google that, if you need to, and then I did some art supplies, I went ahead and used Google Docs, and I saved it into a PDF, and I have an Amazon account.

05:01 It’s an affiliate account, and so what I did is went and found some art supplies, I ordered some new gel pens for myself, for a coloring book, and I want to print out some of these, and color them, and I might do a video on that as I do that, and then you put in a description. 05:19 Put in your price this, I put quantity there at $4.99, it’s a digital product, and it’s downloaded, so you want to put it at the highest number there possible, and if we sell that many, I hope you do, you can go back and you can modify that if you want, and you just put through that it’s I put, the description

05:43 of the details, that it’s digital files, it’s coloring bookI put the attributes as travel and transportation, put the tags here to tag it to make it more likely to show up in search results, and then I’m promoting this right now on Etsy ads and you can dig into that further if you’d like.

06:06 It’s 20 cents each time you renew it, you can do automatic, or you can do manual, this expires on the 18th of April of next year, if you’re watching this, so 2024, this is 2023 that I’m recording this.

06:20 I put it on manual, just in case something doesn’t sell, you don’t want it to go back and automatically charge you another 20 cents to run a listing if it’s not bringing you any revenue, but that’s up to you to do, that’s just my suggestion.

06:36 So let’s go over here to chat GPT and what I’ve got is that there’s these new GPTs and I’ve got a couple of them, a coloring page generator and this coloring book heroes.

06:53 I was using this one right here and you already have some prompts that you can do or you can just type.

07:02 So if I wanted to type like build a. Tulips, so you might want have a coloring book on nothing but flowers or maybe nothing but cars, whatever you want.

07:20 And I would suggest maybe that you do a search. On chat chat GPT and ask it like, what are some of the most popular topics for coloring books and it’ll generate results for you.

07:34 And you know, it might do two or excuse me, might do 10, or you might. You know, I need 20 ideas or something like that and it’ll do that for you.

07:44 Matter of fact, after I do this one, we’ll just take a look. So it takes a bit for it to generate the image, so we’ll let it do its thing.

07:53 I’m going to take a drink of water while it’s working. So there’s a field of tulips that somebody can color in and it’s got butterflies and it’s got Absolutely.

08:11 Fun designs so it’s not totally a realistic tulip. It’s giving people something to be creative with and it’s also the person who’s done this GPT has some other GPTs that you can check out like a 90s theme.

08:26 Quentin Tarantino who’s the famous director, movie director, Dia de los Muertos which is Day of the Dead. that one would probably do some cool stuff.

08:37 Let’s go ahead and take a look at that. Sugar Skull. that’s around the end of October, early November, so it’s already passed for this year, but still I would imagine a coloring book might be something that people would like any time.

08:52 Time of the year. let it do its thing here. a Sugar Skull right there. Let’s wait until it’s done here and then we’ll try tulips to see what it does.

09:20 Okay, now, Now it’s done. this one here, like a coloring book of course, the design there, it’s not what a true coloring book.

09:31 And you think that’s just like more like, images. So, I wanna copy this, Black. let’s see if this makes it more like a coloring book.

09:55 That one there, I didn’t realize that it’s just creating artwork, which it could, if you want to create artwork, artwork with this and then sell the artwork.

10:05 By all means, try something like that. we want to focus more on things that people can color, either adults or kids.

10:22 And if it doesn’t do it here, I can go back on the other one there. It did. So yeah, we’ve got tulips.

10:30 It’s got Day of the Dead there, it’s got a sugar skull, and then you can make this into a Day of the Dead coloring book.

10:37 let’s go ahead and just start a new shot. you give me 20 ideas for coloring book themes for adults? We’re gonna do adults for this one here, we’ve got Botanical Gardens, Mandala Designs, Indian Designs, we can do, like, buildings in New York City, buildings in Seattle, buildings in San Francisco.

11:15 we go back here to the, 8, like to do sometimes put black lines in there just to remind it that it’s, a coloring book that we’re looking for We’ll let this go.

11:42 I’ll show you some of the other images that I’ve done. kind of a cool design, I mean it’s not technically the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Golden Gate does look pretty much like this on one side, and then of course it drops down.

11:56 And then another tower near the other side, the northern side of the bridge, if you’re familiar with the Golden Gate Bridge, but let’s go here, this is mid-journey, this is a buffalo that I did.

12:11 is a cover design, this is the back cover, just for something that would be a coloring book on flowers, and I’ll show you.

12:22 tool that I use, I use this tool called Designer, and I’ll leave a link. It’s something that I use mostly to generate PDFs and flipbooks, but I use it to create this coloring book because it can turn it into a PDF, and so we’re going to go to editing.

12:43 this is the cover that I uploaded from the design that I did on Canva, because I wanted the lines around the text here.

12:54 And then this theme that I was using has like the header and then a footer, but I deleted the footer and put this in a dial.

13:05 And then I put some information on Arcadia National Park in Maine and a link to it. And I had ChatGPT write these descriptions for me of each part and then I put in the page.

13:20 To color and the next National Park arches in Utah. A link to that. And then again, an image of arches.

13:33 It’s not gonna be like perfect. You know, like the clouds, of course, aren’t going to look like this, but it’s a coloring book.

13:40 So you want it to be somewhat maybe whimsical and just have a fun look to it that one can enjoy coloring in.

13:50 because I wanted to educate others on the beauty of our national parks here in the U.S. Like I was saying at the beginning, there’s 63, California has the most, with 9, I’ve been to several of those, including Yosemite.

14:05 Midi, Kings, National Park, Sequoia, I’ve been trying to think of all of the ones I’ve driven through Redwoods, National Park, here’s Badland, Bend, and Texas.

14:18 cane, this is in Florida, so you can use this to put things together. All you have to do is, I might jump out of this, move some of the stuff I have in front of it here.

14:31 I just click on create ebook, and I just wanna start from template. Now there are all kinds of different templates, like I said you don’t have to use it specifically for color.

14:43 But it’s got many, many uses. If you have a blog, you can import your blog into it, and then you can print something that’s a PDF and use that for a landing page or a lead magnet if you’ve got an email list.

14:59 I use it for that, but in this case I used it to create my first coloring book. you can go in and preview, and you can see kind of like what they look like, and I’m kind of like this one here.

15:13 So I’m going to pick this one here, and use it, so I can take this and clear it out, and I can add.

15:31 new cover letter by clicking here, and then just adding the new photo, so we’ll just pick this one, this is from the coloring book, so now we’ve got that, and we can do it.

15:43 Take out this, and we can delete that, and leave that line in there if we want, kind of hard to see this, so we might want to change that to something a little bit darker, so we’ll just pick it black.

16:01 And choose, and then now you can see that, or you can take it into Canva like I did on my cover and I used Canva to create the letters.

16:10 And then you go like to the next page right here, and you can put in your introduction. Here’s this right there.

16:20 So you can delete these and like you can go in here and delete, that again. I’ll just leave that as is.

16:33 I’m gonna leave the dots there. I wanna delete this right here. And then I can just go over here and choose, like, the images that I upload.

16:54 And there it is, right there. So now this whole page is a page for somebody to color, and it looks like we’ve got some stuff in.

17:05 In here that we don’t need or want, well it doesn’t look like it’s gonna let me, it’s locked. you can go in and remove this stuff.

17:25 It might be locked there, depending on the design, but you can go in and you can remove it. Now it’s not showing up there.

17:34 Every different theme is a little bit different, so you’ll have to play around with that if you’re going to use this to make a coloring book.

17:42 It’s just one of the things that I found that was easy to do in the coloring book. And then save it and upload it to Etsy, rather than finding a different type of way to put the coloring book together.

17:59 There could be other things out there that are easier or something else that you might want to use. But again, like, the main reason why I use this is because the path I’ve designed it for several years, and if we go out of here and I click on my project, here’s like all of the stuff that I use it for

18:18 and right now I’m using it for passive income prompts to create the prompts that when you sign up for the newsletter that you’ll see some of these prompts like a prompt to make shower curtains with or bone cases or apparel or several of them.

18:37 Some of them down here, tumblers, gift wrap, the artist, the artistic ones, and then other things here that I’ve created before.

18:46 So yeah,, and then I hope you enjoy this video. And feel free to comment or reach out if you have any questions about making covering books.

18:56 Thanks.